About us

Our story

It started with a little girl named Bijou. Bijou came home from preschool with paperwork and projects each day. Her mom wanted a place to store photos of all the artwork, but also reduce the amount of paperwork from the school.

Luckily, the mom had two good friends. The three amigos had worked together previously, creating online communities around the world. Plus they had other friends with expertise in early childhood development, teaching, and child therapy.

What about an online community where parents, caregivers, and educators could share activities for kids, child development tips, lesson plans, and real kid project photos all in one place?

The amigos had weekly meetings on Skype to plan, design, and develop the new community. Since they had other jobs, it took a long time. A really long time. But they stuck to it, because they wanted to see the community come to life.

Our community

This community is made possible by awesome people like you.

We'd like to thank our families, friends, and supporters: Alexa, Anne, Alisa, Justyne, Karthik, Kristen, Laura, Licia, Lidia, Lily, Max, Melanie, Pamela, Peter, Pooja, Rebecca, Revathi, Rick, Shwetha Sunil, Usha, Wieger, the Aldretts, the Boltons, the Borgelts, the Dashes, the Gershwilers, the Halls, the Haniskos, the Iyengars, the Knights, the Kreyenhagens, the Leckys, the Lindars, the MacKenzies, the Mahers, the Masas, the Metroviches, the Mullers, the Nigams, the Rodriguezes, the Seminettas, the Ziegenhagels, and the Zimmermans.

Join the fun

Meet other parents, caregivers and educators in the Zuzutot community. Plus you can save and share activities and photos of those fun kid projects to inspire others. [Membership is free!] Smiles are too.