4 Night activities

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Poems & Rhymes by: sumana

Ages: 6 to 60 months

Time: 5 mins

Get your kids moving by singing this cute Teddy Bear rhyme!

Nighty Night, Nancy

Story by: AugustW

Ages: 18 to 60 months

Time: 5 mins

Four-year-old Nancy and her loyal kitty Tiger share her bedtime routine.

Good Night

Poems & Rhymes by: arjun

Ages: 0 to 60 months

Time: 2 mins

Snuggle up next to your child tonight and lull them to sleep wit this calming bedtime rhyme.

Whether the Weather Sticker Backgrounds

Game by: Susanna

Ages: 18 to 54 months


Make different weather and time-of-day backgrounds for stickers, which can be seen through a clear pencil case.