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Whale with Water Blowing Out of His Spout

Whale with Water Blowing Out of His Spout
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Create a finger-painted whale on paper with fuzzy pipe cleaners for water blowing from the spout.

50 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 4 tots


  • 1 Finger paint paper (white)
  • 1 Finger paint (blue)
  • 1 Scissors (for kids)
  • 2 Pipe cleaners (white)
  • 1 Googly eyes ((can draw instead))


  1. Put a piece of paper and fingerpaints on an easily cleanable table or on top of a newspaper. Let the child paint a piece of paper. Let it dry.
  2. Draw the shape of a whale on the unpainted side of the paper.
  3. Help the child hold the kid-friendly scissors and let them know you will be cutting along the line together. Help or let the child cut it out.
  4. Cut 2-5 holes in the top, where the whale spout will be.
  5. Cut the pipecleaner into 1 inch pieces. Put through the hole from the front to the back, bending to attach in the back. Curl outward like water spraying.
  6. Whale's eye can be drawn in by the child. Or if you have a googly eye, the child can stick it on.
  7. Talk with the child about the whales spout and how it blows water out of it. Are there other animals that live in the water that can do this?
Cut the whale out for the child while talking about where whales live, what they eat, how they live and / or singing a song about whales.
Draw the shape of the whale on the back of the finger-painting and let the child cut them out for themselves.
Safety Tip
Always point scissors down when passing. Good habit to build even with child-friendly scissors.

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