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Little Bo Peep

MotherGoose Submitted by: MotherGoose

Popular English nursery rhyme about a shepherdess who has lost her sheep.

2 minutes
0 - 60 months
Group size
0 - 8 tots

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Little Bo Peep
Has lost her sheep
And can't tell where to find them
Leave them alone
And they'll come home
Wagging their tails behind them

There are references to a children's game called "Bo-Peep", from the 16th century, including one in Shakespeare's King Lear (Act I Scene iv). However, the earliest record of this rhyme is in 1805, in a manuscript containing only the first verse. Additional verses are first recorded in the earliest printed version in a version of Gammer Gurton's Garland or The Nursery Parnassus in 1810.

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Mother Goose

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