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My Nest for Birds

My Nest for Birds
Photo by: Sumana

sumana Submitted by: sumana

This activity helps the child to create nest / home for birds.

50 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 4 tots


  • 1 piece Newspaper
  • 2 pieces Tissue paper
  • 2 pieces Construction paper (Green and Orange)
  • 1 bottle Glue
  • Twigs
  • 4 Cotton balls
  • 1 Pens
  • 1 pair Scissors


  1. Crush the newspaper with your hand and shape it into a bowl. You can add more paper if you need to maintain thickness.
  2. Apply glue on all sides of the newspaper bowl.
  3. Press the tissue paper around all sides of the bowl.
  4. Apply glue on all the sides of bowl above the tissue paper.
  5. Place the twigs on all the sides of the paper bowl so that papers are not visible.
  6. This will now look like a nest.
  7. Keep 3 cotton balls inside the nest to look like eggs.
  8. Draw and cut out 2 identical birds on the green construction paper.
  9. Glue one cotton ball in between the two paper birds.
  10. Draw the eyes on the bird with a pen.
  11. Cut a beak out of the orange construction paper and glue it onto the green bird.
  12. Place your bird's nest where everyone can enjoy it!
Associated Activity
Read "The Best Nest" by P.D Eastman

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