Animal Name Memory Game

Animal Name Memory Game
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This game introduces animal names to the child. Also, children are encouraged to associate the picture of the animal picture to its name.

15 minutes
12 - 36 months
Group size
2 - 6 tots


  • 6 animal picture cards (photos photocopied or cut from magazines or a book)


  1. Show the animal picture card and say the name of the animal. The children are encouraged to repeat the name after the adult.
  2. Once all the animals are introduced, the adult spreads the picture cards in a single row in front of them.
  3. Give the ground rule that whomever the adult calls, only that kid should come forward and answer.
  4. Call one child forward. Name a animal for the child to pick the card.
  5. Repeat step 4 until all the children have had a least 2 turns.
You can give the card to each child and ask the child to name the animal that he/she holds.
Start with at least one card per child playing the game. Increase the number of cards for older kids. More unusual animals.
Associated Activity
Talk about similarities and differences with the animals in the photos. For example: Which animals have fur? Which animals have four legs? Which animals swim in the sea?
Associated Activity
Have the children draw a photo of their favorite animal from the game.

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