The Greeting Game

The Greeting Game
Photo by: Nancy M.

sumana Submitted by: sumana

This group activity teaches children to politely greet one another.

0 minutes
30 - 60 months
Group size
4 - 8 tots


  1. Have children sit in a circle. Make sure there is space to run around the perimeter.
  2. Select two children that are sitting next to each other. Direct them to get up and run around the circle in opposite directions.
  3. When they meet, have children stop, shake hands and say, "Hello. My name is ____."
  4. After each child has greeted and introduced themselves, have them say "Good Bye" and then return to their place in the circle.
  5. Repeat until everyone has had a turn.
Associated Activity
1. Add to the game by having children tell something about themselves (Favorite color, food, book) and repeat their partner's response.

Developmental skills