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Cardboard Clubhouse

Cardboard Clubhouse
Photo by: Seattlemum

Seattlemum Submitted by: Seattlemum

If you get a delivery in a big box, delay recycling for a while. Just add a door and your cardboard box can provide hours of entertainment for your little ones. This is a project where the adult prepares the box, then the child can decorate it and play inside.

30 minutes
18 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 3 tots


  • 1 Cardboard box (extra large)
  • 1 Knife (adults only for this part)
  • 1 Markers (colored)
  • 1 Flashlight (for meetings inside cardboard clubhouse)


  1. Floor - adult part: On the side that is opened, cut off the flaps on that side. This will be the bottom side, open to the floor.
  2. Door - adult part: On one the edge that will be near the floor, measure a square with enough space for the child's body. The bottom part of the square should be at the open edge of the box. Then with the knife, cut two parallel lines on the left and right parts of the square. On the top part of the square, do not cut but slightly skewer so that the cardboard will fold easily.
  3. Window - adult part (optional): On a different side than the door, cut a window the size of the child's face. Recommended big enough for peek-a-boo and keeping an eye on younger kids, but not so big that the child can crawl through.
  4. Decoration - kid part (optional): Using colored markers, decorate the outside and/or inside of the box.
  5. Play - kid part (mandatory): Box can be used for hiding from adults or planning secret clubhouse activities. If no window, flashlights recommended for meetings inside.

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