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American Flag

American Flag
Photo by: Bijou

Bijou Submitted by: Bijou

Fine motor skills are developed through the creation of this patriotic art project.

15 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


  • 1 White constrution paper (or cardstock)
  • 1 piece Red construction paper
  • 1 piece Blue construction paper
  • 1 White crayon or white pencil
  • 1 Glue stick
  • 1 Stencil (Star shaped, stickers or stamps)


  1. Begin with large rectangular sheet of white paper as the base.
  2. Cut 13 strips of red construction paper the same length as horizontal measurement of base paper.
  3. Glue red strips to the white base paper, leaving equal space of white between each red stripe.
  4. Discuss how red strips correspond to number of original colonies in United States.
  5. Cut square of blue construction paper for upper left corner.
  6. Have child use crayon or pencil to decorate blue square with white stars.
  7. Discuss how number of stars corresponds to number of States in United States.
  8. Glue blue square to upper left corner of base paper.
  9. Have child sign and date.
Precut the red strips and blue square for younger children. Stamps, stickers or stencils can be used for stars.
With older children cutting provides an opportunity to discuss math behind measurements and proportions.

Developmental skills