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Paper Fan

Paper Fan
Photo by: Bijou

Bijou Submitted by: Bijou

Small motor skills are involved with creating this paper fan, and large motor skills are employed using the fan to deflect summer heat.

10 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


  • 1 piece Construction paper (8 ½ “ X 11”)
  • 1 String (5" length)
  • 1 Hole punch
  • 1 Clear tape
  • Markers (For decorating)


  1. Use markers to decorate one or both sides of construction paper.
  2. Begin with paper orientated with shorter width at bottom and top.
  3. Demonstrate making a 1" fold across width of paper, beginning at bottom edge.
  4. Help your child to make the first 1” fold across bottom of paper. Crease edge.
  5. Flip the paper so the folded edge is now at the top, with raw edge under.
  6. Fold top down, until cut edge is even with top. Crease edge.
  7. Flip paper, placing folded segment down.
  8. Fold top down. Crease edge.
  9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until entire paper is folded.
  10. Now fold right side of fan-folded paper in ½”.
  11. Secure folded, now doubled, edge with several layers of clear tape.
  12. Use hole punch to make a small opening in folded, taped fan bottom.
  13. Thread the string through the hole and tie it to make loop for child’s wrist.
  14. Demonstrate how fan moves air to create cooling breeze.
Assist younger children with folds and tape.
Older children might cut designs from folded sides, to create interesting patterns and test difference in air flow.

Developmental skills