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One For Each Concept

One For Each Concept
Photo by: Nancy M.

arjun Submitted by: arjun

This activity teaches basic counting concepts as well as one-to-one pairing or correspondence.

10 minutes
36 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


  • 1 Paper
  • 1 Pen (or Pencil)
  • 1 Glue stick


  1. Draw two monkeys or paste pictures of two monkeys in one column and two bananas in another column.
  2. Draw three dogs or paste pictures of three dogs in one column and three bones in another column.
  3. Draw four mice or paste pictures of four mice in one column and four cheese wedges in another column.
  4. Now ask the child to draw a line from each animal to the picture of food that corresponds with the animal.
  5. Count the animals with your child as they are drawing the line from the animal to the food.
Have your child touch each picture as you count the pictures out loud.
1. Draw the animals/foods in pairs and have your child count by two's.

Developmental skills