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Stop Says The Red Light

Stop Says The Red Light
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Learn what each color of the Stop Light says with this fun rhyme!

1 minutes
0 - 60 months
Group size
0 - 8 tots

Poems & Rhymes

Stop says the red light,
Go says the green.
Change says the yellow one,
Blinking in between.
That's what they say,
And that's what they mean,
All must obey them,
Even the queen!

Discussion Questions
1. Why is it important to obey the rules?
2. What does the red light say? Green? Yellow?
3. Who has to obey the lights?
1. It is important to obey the rules so we stay safe as well as to keep others safe.
2. The red light says STOP. The green light says GO. The yellow light says CHANGE.
3. All must obey the lights, even the Queen!

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