Boxes and Lids

Susanna Submitted by: Susanna

Teach rudimentary math skills and motor skills with everyday household items.

10 minutes
18 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 5 tots


  • 5 Different-Shaped Boxes or Tupperware with Lids of Different Kinds (The different kinds of lids will present different motor skill challenges. The different shapes will help develop geometric perception.)
  • 1 Brightly colored ball or small toy (This can be a prize you hide in the boxes)


  1. Lay out the boxes and lids separately.
  2. Demonstrate to your child (by talking and doing) that the lids go on the boxes.
  3. As your child grows more interested (having watched you) talk to him or her about what she's doing.
  4. Encourage every action, including putting the wrong lid on the wrong box, just simply talk to your child about the fact that it is too big or too small, etc. ("Good job! you put the small box in the big box! ...).
  5. Show an extra amount of encouragement when he or she matches a lid and box that go together.
Start with one shoe box or tin and show your child that the lid comes on and off. Celebrate him or her taking off the lid AND putting it back on.
Hide a ball or small toy in one of the boxes and put all the lids on. Ask your child "where's the ball?" and talk to him or her about what she's doing as she tries to find it.

Developmental skills