Drumming On Drums

Drumming On Drums
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Learn about different materials and the sounds they make

10 minutes
12 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 4 tots


  • 3 Spoons of different materials (plastic, wooden, metal) (spoons are safer than other "drumsticks" a child might use)
  • 7 Bowls, pots or cups of different materials (glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, paper, silicon, metal)


  1. Lay out your dishes (i.e. "drums") on the floor. Put some upside-down and others right-side up.
  2. Pick up your wooden or plastic spoon and demonstrate to your child how to hit the drums.
  3. Give him or her the wooden or plastic spoon.
  4. Continue with the metal spoon. (Since metal usually makes the loudest noise, it can easily become the child's favorite, so save it for last).
  5. Be sure to show your child how to hit the pots in all different spots to make different sounds.
  6. Show your child how to turn over the pots and bowls to create different sounds.
  7. Celebrate your child's exploration of the sounds by talking to him or her about what she is doing and allowing him or her to choose where to hit.
Associated Activity
Read "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" by Al Perkins, and incorporate the drumming rhythm into the activity.

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