ABC Matching Game

ABC Matching Game
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A fun way to start on the road to literacy with your pre-schooler. Teach your child to match uppercase and lowercase letters and associate sounds with the letters of the alphabet.

5 minutes
42 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


  • 2 sets of cards with capital and lowercase letters (ideally, the capital and lowercase letters would be on the same card. An ABC book could replace the first set of cards.)
  • 1 set of cards with pictures of things that begin with each letter of the alphabet


  1. In a quiet moment (maybe reading time) get out the flashcards and pull out 1-3 sets of letters (A-B or A-C).
  2. Sing "Big A, little a [the names of the letters] a-a-a [the phonetic sound], Big A, little a a-a-a, tell me words that begin with A (alligator), (ant) a-a-a." [You could choose any two words that begin with "A."] Choose a tune you're comfortable with, like the ABC tune.
  3. Repeat with the other one or two letters that you have pulled out.
  4. At the end, give your child one of the cards from the second set and ask him or her where the matching card is.
  5. If your child is confused, point to the matching card and lay it down for her, then celebrate the match.
  6. If your child puts the card on the wrong letter, use a sound like "boo boo" to show that the match is not correct, but that she didn't do anything "wrong." (the word "no" can be associated with extremely negative feelings and may put the child off from playing)
  7. When the child makes a correct match, celebrate it! Then give him or her another card.
  8. As your child becomes more accustomed to the game, play with more cards at a time.
  9. When your child is ready, have him or her match the picture (apple) to the letter with the corresponding sound (a).

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