Stack and Sort

Stack and Sort
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Learn to match and stack with stackable sets of plates, coasters, etc.

6 minutes
18 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 3 tots


  • 3 sets Plates, coasters, cups or other stackable goods (It's good to be a set of things your child doesn't normally play with so that they are very interested)


  1. Bring out the sets of stackable things to your child in sets.
  2. Put the sets down in your play area and begin unstacking, one by one.
  3. Create interest in your child by stacking the new "toys" both in their matching sets and mixing the sets. Start building a tower.
  4. As your child tries his or her hand at stacking, celebrate her achievements and talk about what is being done. "Oh, you put the blue coaster on the red plate! Good job!" etc.
  5. The matching education comes at clean up time. Start stacking the sets in matching sets.
  6. Hand one item to your child and ask him or her to put it away. If he or she puts it on the wrong stack say, for example, "But this is red, and those are blue. Let's put it with the red ones." And put it in the correct stack.
  7. Continue cleaning up and asking your child to help. As you play more and more frequently, your child will get better and will want to clean up more and more by themselves.

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