Introduction to Magnets

Introduction to Magnets
Photo by: Susanna

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Give your child a first look at how magnets work.

15 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 4 tots


  • 2 or more Magnets (Provide different sized to keep your child engaged.)
  • 1 or more Wooden objects
  • 1 or more Ceramic objects
  • 1 or more Paper objects
  • 5 or more Metal objects


  1. Mix up the magnetic and non-magnetic objects and lay them out on your playing surface.
  2. Take one of the magnets and show your child how it "sticks" to the metal objects, but not the paper, ceramic or wood objects. Be sure to name the objects and their material as you demonstrate this to your child.
  3. Hand the first magnet to your child and let her experiment as you did. As your child tries out different materials, talk about the different materials and why the magnet is or isn't "sticking."
  4. If your child gets bored of the magnets in his or her immediate vicinity, head around the room and try sticking magnets on different thing.
  5. Give your child the second magnet and let him or her discover how they interact. Talk about what she is doing.

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