Grocery Delivery

Grocery Delivery
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Keep your child occupied while you put away the groceries. Teach your child to help bring in and put away the groceries. Help them feel happy about being able to be a helpful member of the family.

15 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 2 tots


  • 1 bag of groceries with similar items (this could be cans, yogurt containers, milk cartons, juice boxes, etc. They should all look basically the same so that your child's task is clear to him or her.)


  1. After taking most of the grocery bags to the kitchen, leave the one bag full of similarly shaped items next to the door, or across the room from where they belong.
  2. Set up a reachable surface for your child near the grocery items' destination. (For example, if your child is bringing in yogurt containers, put a kitchen chair next to the refrigerator)
  3. Before you start putting away the rest of the groceries, take one of the yogurt containers (or whatever the item) and put it on the kitchen chair (or whichever surface you have) and talk to your child about it. Ask them to bring the other items and place them with the first one.
  4. As you put away your other groceries, be sure to encourage, thank and congratulate your child every step of the way. Be sure to be extra exuberant when she accomplishes her task.
Safety Tip
Cans and milk cartoon may hurt little toes if dropped. Be sure your child is wearing shoes for this task.

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