Preposition Hide and Seek

Preposition Hide and Seek
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Teach your child prepositions by hiding and finding toys.

20 minutes
30 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 4 tots


  • 1 or more Small fun toys
  • 1 Boxes
  • 1 Empty cans
  • 1 Pouch


  1. Spread out the box, empty can and pouch on your playing surface and name the items.
  2. Take the small toy and put it on the box. Say, "Look, the ______ is on the box." Repeat with the pouch and can.
  3. Put the toy in the box and say, "Look, the _____ is IN the box." Repeat with the pouch and can.
  4. Do the same with the words UNDER and BEHIND. You can add more prepositions if you like.
  5. Then tell your child to close their eyes. Distribute the pouch, box and can around the room and place the toy on, in, or under one of the objects.
  6. Tell your child to open their eyes and ask them, "Where's the toy?" Then act as if you're telling them a secret, "It's under the box!"
  7. Let your child retrieve the toy. Repeat.
  8. As your child gets accustomed to the game, use the sofa, tables, bookshelf, etc. to hide the toy under, on, in or behind.
Start with only "under" and keep the can, box and pouch nearby.
Use this game to teach prepositions in a second language.

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