Tea Party

Tea Party
Photo by: Susanna

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Teach your child basic etiquette and dining motor skills in an imaginative environment.

20 minutes
18 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 4 tots


  • 3 cups
  • 3 plates
  • 1 small loaf of bread (ripped up into bite-sized pieces)
  • 3 forks
  • 1 small pitcher (1/4 full of water)
  • 1 stuffed animal
  • 1 small table or table-like surface (an ottoman, box or stool could work well)


  1. Set up your child's stuffed animal at the "table."
  2. Bring out the cups and ask your child to give one to the stuffed animal, one to you, and one to him or her. Do the same with the plates and forks.
  3. Split the bread pieces evenly between your plate and your child's, and begin to show your child how to eat with the fork (This could also be done with baby chopsticks or another utensil). Ask your child to do the same.
  4. Once you've finished the bread, bring out the pitcher of water. Show your child how to pour the water into her cup. Then let him or her do it.
  5. Pretend to drink from your own cup and instruct your child to drink from theirs.
  6. Ask your child if they want to feed or give water to the stuffed animal. Show them how.
  7. Clean up together.

Developmental skills