On the Go Bingo

On the Go Bingo
Photo by: Susanna

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Find and name different vehicles while on a walk or road trip.

15 minutes
18 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


  1. As you are on your way, say to your child, "let's look for a bicycle" (or any other form of transportation that you think you may find.) "Is there a bicycle over there?" "How about over there?" "Look, there's a bicycle!" Help your child find and point out the bicycle.
  2. Repeat with other forms of transportation that your child knows. Introduce new vehicles that you find that your child may not know.
  3. If your child knows their colors, start asking if they can find a specific-colored vehicle. "Can you find a red car?"
  4. If you have a book of vehicles, use it to give you and your child ideas of what to look for. Here are more ideas: digger, motorcycle, helicopter, airplane, bicycle, stroller, skateboard, etc.

Developmental skills