The First Christmas

The First Christmas
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Tell your child about the origin of Christmas in this simple story.

15 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


A long time ago, there was a girl named Mary. She loved God very much, and that made God very happy.

God sent an angel to talk to Mary. Mary had never seen an angel before, so you can imagine her surprised. But the Angel said,

“Don’t be afraid! I have good news from God!”

Mary had never heard of anyone talking to an angel and NEVER heard of anyone getting a direct message from God. So she listened carefully.

“You’re going to have a baby!” the angel said. “This baby is God’s son and you should name him Jesus.”

Then the angel was gone. Mary was shocked, but she began to prepare for a new baby.

Several months later, Mary and her husband Joseph had to move to Bethlehem. There weren’t any cars or airplanes in those days, so Mary and Joseph had to walk the whole way with their one donkey! It was a long trip!

When they were almost to their new city, Mary realized that it was time to have the baby. They looked for a hotel to stay the night, but they were all full! They needed a place to stay, quick! So they found a place where cows and horses slept and decided to stay the night there.

It was a beautiful night and the stars were shining clearly and beautifully. The baby was born and Mary swaddled him up and laid the tiny little boy in a manger, where he slept soundly.

Just a few miles away, there were some shepherds guarding their sheep. They were enjoying the cool breeze and beautiful stars when all of a sudden, an angel came out of nowhere and started talking to them, “Don’t be afraid!” he said “I’ve got great news for everybody! You see, in the city of Bethlehem, over there, a baby was born tonight. But not just any baby. This baby is special because he is the savior of the world! You’ll know it’s him because you’ll find him swaddled up and lying in a manger.

Then the sky lit up with many angels who were saying all at once,

“Glory to God in the highest, Peace on Earth and goodwill to men!”

When the chorus stopped and the angels disappeared, the shepherds looked at each other, amazed.

“We should definitely go check this out,” said one of the shepherds. They rushed off to Bethlehem and found Jesus lying in a manger, just like the angel said.

About the same time, many many countries away, there were a few scholars studying the stars. One scholar suddenly got really excited.

“There’s a new star!” he said. The others rushed to look. Sure enough, there was a new star in the sky. “This must mean that a very special king has been born,” they said to each other. “Let’s go visit him and bring him gifts.”

So they packed up and started the long journey to go see Jesus. It took them a long time, but they followed the star to where he was and gave him gold and really expensive perfumes.

Mary was really surprised that so many strangers came to visit them because of her new baby, but she knew that it meant that Jesus was a very special baby.

Original Source

The Bible

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