Animal Quiz

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This game will help your child relate animals with their special features.

30 minutes
36 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


  • 1 Quiz Master (Generally an adult or an older kid can play the role of the quiz master.)
  • Kids (This can be done as a classroom activity or at home.)


  1. Quiz master should begin his/her questions by explaining the special feature of an animal and asking Team A to name the animal (for example, 1. A tall animal with a long neck which can reach the branches of tall trees, answer- giraffe, 2. Animal which is called the ship of the desert? answer- camel etc).
  2. If the team answers correctly as giraffe then they get 10 points.
  3. If the team answers incorrectly, the question passes to team B, which if answers correctly, gets 5 bonus points. The next question will be given to team B. Likewise each team can be given up to four or five questions.
  4. The team which scores the highest points will be declared the winner.

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