Cup Drinking Practice

Cup Drinking Practice
Photo by: Susanna

Susanna Submitted by: Susanna

Teach your child how to drink from different containers in a controlled setting.

15 minutes
12 - 24 months
Group size
1 - 2 tots


  • 1 Cup with water (make the amount of water very small)
  • Containers (bottles, coffee cups, cups with straws, etc.)
  • Kitchen towels (to clean up the inevitable spillage)


  1. Fill the cup with a very small amount of water.
  2. Demonstrate to your child how to hold the cup with two hands. Put your lip under the edge of the cup, and tilt the cup slowly. Then put the cup down slowly on a table and give them a turn.
  3. Talk them through each step. If they spill, just say, "uh, oh, you spilled! Now we have to clean up".
  4. Help your child mop up the mess.
  5. Start over with the same cup or a new one until your child has mastered the activity or wants to move on to something else.

Developmental skills