Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt
Photo by: Susanna

Susanna Submitted by: Susanna

Searching for eggs is a favorite Easter past-time.

30 minutes
18 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


  • Eggs (plast or hard-boiled are both good, but hard-boiled will go bad if they aren't found, and are a bit messy if they break)
  • Candy (or small toys to go inside plastic eggs)
  • Basket (or Bag)


  1. Before your child is around (during nap time or before they wake up), hide the eggs in a specific area. Make sure the eggs are all somewhat visible.
  2. Tell your child that there are eggs hidden all around the ____ (front yard, living room, etc.). And you will help him or her find them.
  3. Take your basket and search for the eggs. If your child has trouble, describe the location to him or her. "Did you look under the bush?"
  4. Once the hunt is done, count your eggs together to make sure you found them all. If you have toys inside, enjoy opening the eggs and finding the toys together.
Set the eggs in visible places and describe the places to the children as they search: "It's in front of the fridge." or "It's under the tree!"
Hide the eggs completely so that they are unseen. Set out a barrier such as the front yard, the living room, etc., and tell the kids that all the eggs are in that area only. Tell them the number of eggs and let them search until they find every last egg.

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