Alex Builds a Robot

Alex Builds a Robot
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Five-year-old Alex learns a little lesson about electricity.

10 minutes
0 - 60 months
Group size
0 - 8 tots


Five-year-old Alex loved to play with her dad’s toolbox. He even gave her a special one for Christmas, one that had a hammer and screwdriver just her size.

“What do you want to build, Alex?” asked her dad.

“I want to build a robot!” Alex said.

So Alex’s dad helped her find some materials. They got some long pieces for the legs, and some short pieces for the arms, and a square piece for the head.

Every day after he got home from work, Alex’s dad helped her put together the robot. It sat out on the back porch, watching them while they ate supper. Alex always waved to her robot before she went to bed.

Fifteen days later, the robot was done! It had quarters for its eyes and forks for its hands. It was such a big robot that Alex could sit on its lap and read her books.

But there was something missing. Alex had seen robots on TV and read about them in books. They moved! Robots did things like help people build cars, make computers, and explore shipwrecks deep in the ocean.

Her robot did not move.

Alex went to her dad with her toolbox in hand. “Dad, which of these tools will make my robot move?” she asked.

Her dad laughed and shook his head. “None of those tools will, Alex. You need electricity.”

So he made a little mouth that opened and closed. He attached wires to the back in two places, and then he attached those wires to a little box with batteries in it.

They put the mouth on the robot and Alex pushed a button. The mouth began to move! Her dad showed her how electricity ran in a current from one wire to the other.

Alex knew what she wanted to do next. “I want to make my robot walk!” And she stomped around the yard like her robot would do someday.

Discussion Questions
What can robots help people do?
In the story: Build cars, make computers, explore shipwrecks.
Not in the story: Vacuum floors, clean windows, feed pets, and explore the moon.