The Pepperpond Frogs

The Pepperpond Frogs
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A family of frogs must find a new home and think carefully about the best option. The story illustrates the advice to "look before you leap."

5 minutes
36 - 60 months
Group size
0 - 8 tots


The Pepperpond frogs lived in the Pepper Pond. They swam in the pond. They ate the bugs that buzzed overhead. At night they sang froggy songs. But one very hot summer, it was so hot for so long that Pepper Pond dried up.

The Pepperpond frogs lay in the mud, sadly blinking their round eyes.

"Come," said Pappy Pepperpond, the oldest, wisest frog. "We must find new water."

One by one, the Pepperpond frogs hopped across the mud. They started to climb the steep bank. It was hard to climb, so they used their long, strong legs to push up. The bigger frogs helped the smaller frogs - especially the littlest ones, who had been tadpoles just that spring.

They hopped away from the dried up pond in a single line. They jumped along the highway where the cars rumbled. They bounced through the grass past sheep and cows.

The biggest frog hopped out of sight and soon returned with news. "There's a well up ahead," he said, "and lots of water at the bottom. If we jump in, we can splash and play and swim again! It looks deeper than our pond!"

The Pepperpond frogs cheered! They followed the frog to the well where tall square stones were set in a ring. The frog pulled himself on top of one of the stones and looked down at his family.

"Come on! It's just a hop away!"

"Wait!" called Pappy Pepperpond, who was slower than the rest. "Don't jump in!"

"We can call it Pepperwell!" said a big frog.

"And we'll be the Pepperwell frogs!" said a little froglet.

Pappy Pepperpond shook his head. "Do you remember how hard it was to climb out of the pond? If the well dried up, how would we climb such tall walls?"

He blinked his eyes slowly and said, "You must always look before you leap."

So the Pepperpond frogs continued on until they found the Pepper Lake. It was just right for swimming. It was just right for eating bugs. It was just right for singing froggy songs. And the banks were not too steep to climb.

There they lived happily ever after.

Discussion Questions
What was the frog's first home like?
Why was the well not a good choice for their second home?
Why was the lake a better choice?

Original Source

Retelling of Aesop’s “The Frogs and the Well”

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