Salty Cows

Salty Cows
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How will Joanie and her grandmother save their cows from the shadowy man?

10 minutes
36 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


One summer, Joanie went to live on her grandmother's ranch in Wyoming. There was a herd of cows sprinkled across the bright green hills.

Joanie helped with the chores every morning. She washed the plates after breakfast, then went out back to the big red barn to help with the calves. The ranch hands let her hold the bottles full of fresh milk while the calves drank greedily.

The most beautiful calf had a bright pink nose, a black spot over her eye, and a coat like silk. Joanie named her Dot. Her grandmother let her bring Dot to the yard behind the house to raise as her summer pet.

One day, a thin, shadowy man came to the door. In a raspy voice, he told Joanie’s grandmother that she owed a lot of money for her land. He spied Dot through the kitchen window.

“I will take the cow instead,” he said. “She would fetch a good price at the auction. I will take a hundred times her price from your debt.”

“Please! Not my cow!” Joanie cried, but her grandmother took her by the wrist.

“Run to the kitchen,” her grandmother said, “and take a fistful of salt. Sprinkle it on Dot’s back.”

Joanie knew her grandmother was very wise, so she did as she was told. She threw the salt high in the air as the shadowy man led Dot into a trailer. Dot mooed sadly as the trailer pulled away, and Joanie threw her arms over the fence and cried.

Early the next morning, Joanie awoke to the sound of many cows outside her window. She ran outside to see Dot surrounded by a hundred other prize cows!

Joanie’s grandmother came to the door with a secret smile. “They followed the salt,” she said. “Your little Dot loves you and she will always know her way home.”

They sold the cows and raised enough money to pay off the land, and Dot grew into healthy heifer who gave the sweetest milk in the county.

Original Source

A retelling of the Mexican fairy tale “God Gives a Hundred for One”

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