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The Ghosties

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Halloween or spooky-time poem plays with the fun names of old-time monsters.

8 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
0 - 8 tots

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On the far side of town, where the graveyard lay cold,
There lived many dark, scary creatures of old.
The lubberkins hammered, the gallytrots howled,
The nicknevins cackled, the werewolves all growled.
Not one single townsperson dared to go near—
They'd tremble and shiver and whiten with fear.

One day, an idea came to Shift the Shade.
Shift said to his friends, "We should have a parade!
A parade that's a haunting. We'll go through the town!"
He told them gather right after sundown.
They came first in pairs, then by three, then by nine
Till all of the ghosties were standing in line.

They floated, they flickered, they crawled through the town!
Their breath could be smelled for ten miles around!
The dobbies and trolls, the bugbears and boggles,
Together they marched past the watchman Nick Noggle.
The shellycoats rose from the river to see
The nymphs and the imps and the wailing banshees.

The townspeople ran to their houses and shuddered,
Locking their doors and latching their shutters
As up from the graveyard came silvans and scrags,
Peg-powlers, hobgoblins, kelpies and hags!
From shadow to shadow, they prowled Main Street
With tentacles, fangs, and big hairy feet.

A poltergeist walked through the walls of Town Hall
Scaring the mayor—no, scaring them all!
Pixies and giants went into the stores
And threw all the clothes, food, and toys on the floor.
The town was afraid that the ghosties would stay…
For how do you frighten a monster away?

Just then there was LIGHT! The ghosties cried out
And covered their eyes with a hiss and a shout.
The light was so bright they could not see to spook!
Then a tiny high voice hollered out in rebuke,
"Hey monsters! Hey ghosties! Get back to your graves!
Go back to your rivers and attics and caves!"

Every claw, jaw, and paw, they all turned and fled
'cause even a monster can fill up with dread.

When all of the ghosts had gone into the night,
Six-year-old Sara sauntered out of the light.
She carried a lantern and held up to a mirror;
She'd made her voice big so the monsters would fear her.
The townspeople cheered that a child so small
Could be the smartest and bravest of all!

Discussion Questions
Why did Sara help? Do you think she was scared? What does it mean to be brave?
Brave means helping others or doing the right thing, even when you are scared. Sara was probably scared, but she had an idea for how to help and tried it. She ended up saving the townspeople from the ghosties.
Associated Activity
Draw pictures of scary monsters mentioned in the story. Draw Sara scaring them away with the light.

Original Source

Inspired by literary work by Michael Denham

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