The Ugly Dragon

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Never judge book by its cover - or a dragon by his hide. With kindness you might find a good heart inside.

10 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
0 - 8 tots


There was once a very ugly dragon. His eyes were milky blue, his scales turned grey and fell off all the time and his tail was lumpy and shaped like a skinny tree.

The dragon was so ugly that the other dragons sent him away from the mountains. As his home grew smaller behind him, the dragon shed a big ugly river of tears. The smelly, greasy water swept the King of the Robbers off his feet.

“Who has made this terrible river?” he roared.

But when he saw the ugly dragon, the King of the Robbers laughed so hard that the dragon put his claws in his ears and fled.

At the bottom of the hill sat three knights, watching for danger. When the dragon came into sight, the Knights began to laugh.

“What an ugly monster!” they said. They drew their swords and rushed at him.

The Knights chased him through the trees until they grew tired. The dragon was left all alone. Even the owls flew away when their big golden eyes saw him crouching in the dark.

The next morning, when the sun peeked through the trees, a blacksmith came into the forest to fetch wood for his forge. He wore an apron made of leather so as to shield his clothes from flying sparks while he worked the metal. He was not afraid of fire. And he was not afraid of dragons. He saw the dragon and walked up to him.

“Good morning, friend!” he said. The dragon lifted his head and stared at the blacksmith.

“Good morning,” he said. No one had ever called him friend before. His heart grew and so did his courage.

The blacksmith took the dragon back to his house and gave him some cool water to drink and a loaf of bread to eat. The dragon stayed and lent his mighty fire to the blacksmith, who used it to make the best armor in all the land. The blacksmith even made a suit of armor for the dragon.

One night, while the blacksmith was asleep, the robbers crept up to his house to take his gold. They were almost to the door when the dragon roared out of the shadows. The shiny, fire-breathing beast scared the robbers and they ran away as fast as they could.

The dragon promised to protect the blacksmith and his children for as long as they lived. No one ever bothered the blacksmith again, thanks to his kind heart for someone different.

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