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Paper Chain

Paper Chain
Photo by: Linda O

Linda O Submitted by: Linda O

Small motor skills are used to create this decoration, which can be used for many holidays.

20 minutes
18 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 4 tots


  • 5 Construction paper (Sheets of differently colors, can match a theme)
  • 1 Paper cutter (or scissors)
  • 1 Glue stick (or stapler)
  • Markers (optional to decorate the paper)


  1. Cut construction paper in to 1" strips, preferably about 6" long
  2. Create circle with first strip. Secure with glue stick or staple.
  3. Loop second strip through circle made by first strip. Secure with glue stick or staple.
  4. Continue adding strips/circles until desired length is reached.
  5. Attach the paper chain somewhere in the room for decoration
For younger children, cut the paper. Child would decorate the paper with markers. Adult glues the paper chain.
Older children may experiment with different width of strips, and or create unique patterns by alternating color choices.

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Linda O

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