Bruno Learns to Bark

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Bruno the puppy is an important part of the family!

10 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


Sanvi’s little pup Bruno was growing up quickly. He was very affectionate and friendly. Sanvi and her family were fond of him too.
In the mornings, he happily settled down in a warm and cozy corner near the kitchen and watched Sanvi’s mother prepare breakfast. She boiled an egg everyday for Bruno’s breakfast, along with bread, milk and biscuits.

After breakfast Bruno would rest near the gate, waiting eagerly for Sanvi and her father. Later, he walked with them to Sanvi’s school. Sanvi’s friends waited near the school gate to play with him for a while before their school bell rang.
Once back from his morning walk, Bruno would stretch himself lazily under the shade of a tall shrub in the lawn and enjoy his mid-morning nap. Every now and then, Bruno’s sleep would be disturbed by the arrival of some regular visitors- milkman, courier boy, postman, squirrels, crows and of course, the housemaid.

For lunch, Bruno got porridge with lots of milk and rice. After lunch, sanvi’s mother would take Bruno out for a walk. After the walk, she would rest for a while reading the newspapers or a book. Bruno would crawl under her bed for a quick nap. His afternoon nap would be undisturbed as he mostly slept indoors.

Bruno’s evenings were filled with activities. He played for a while with Sanvi after she returned from school. He would then accompany her to the park and play with her friends too. Later in the evenings, when Sanvi got busy with homework and studies, Bruno would wait in the balcony for Sanvi’s father to return from office. After Sanvi’s father arrived, the family had dinner together. For dinner, Bruno was given chapattis, vegetables and fruits. After dinner, the family went for a walk together.

"Pappa, a few days ago, you said Bruno would bark, but he still hasn’t" said Sanvi in a worried tone. "He will Sanvi. Don’t you worry", assured her father again.

That night while Sanvi was sleeping, she was awakened by a strange sound. She got up to see what it was. To her surprise, she saw Bruno standing on his hind legs and looking out of the window. He was barking at something! This was the first time she heard him bark. By now, her parents were awake too. When her father looked out of the window he saw two young men in their garden. They were picking guavas from the tree.

"Who is there in the garden?" questioned her father as he switched the lights on. The two men got scared and immediately jumped out of the compound wall and escaped.
"Who was it Pappa?" asked Sanvi who was a little shaken up by this incident. "They were just petty thieves. They were in the garden to steal some fruits. With little Bruno around, they will never come to our house again" said Pappa gently stroking her head.

"Pappa, Bruno just barked. Did you hear that?" asked Sanvi.
"Of course, I did. That’s what woke me up too, which means Bruno has learned to protect us. He really deserves a treat." Sanvi excitedly ran to the kitchen to get a big ‘dog chew’ for Bruno.
Next morning, Pappa put up a board on their gate, which read ‘BEWARE OF DOG!’ "This board will make sure that strangers don’t enter our house." said Pappa
"That means, apart from just being our pet, Bruno has also become a watch-dog", said Sanvi as she hugged him warmly. "Woof" said Bruno as he wagged his tail gently.

Discussion Questions
1. Bruno is a good watch dog. Do you think he might also do naughty things?
Answers will vary

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