Bridget Eats Her Soup

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Bridget learns how to eat messy foods - all by herself!

10 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 3 tots


Bridget loved when Dad helped her eat messy foods. He would scoop up some oatmeal or soup and blow gently on it to make sure it wasn’t too hot. Then he would make an airplane sound, nyyeeerrrrUMMMM, and fly it right to Bridget’s mouth. Bridget loved airplane food!

When Bridget turned two, Dad said, “Bridget, I think you’re old enough to start using a spoon, all by yourself.”

“But Dad,” Bridget said, “you feed me!”

He showed her how to do it anyway, patiently helping her try many times.

The next night, Dad took Mom on a date and left Bridget with Janelle, the neighbor who babysat for them. Bridget was excited to stay up an hour later than usual and watch her favorite show about ponies.

After Dad and Mom had gone, Janelle got a big pot of soup out of the refrigerator. “Soup for dinner!” she said. Bridget colored a picture with her crayons while Janelle warmed it up.

When the soup was hot, Janelle set a steaming bowl in front of the booster seat and strapped Bridget in. “Eat up!” she said and started eating her own soup.

Bridget looked down at the soup. There was lots of steam, so it must be very hot. She was nervous. She reached for her spoon and held the handle just like Dad had shown her.

Carefully, she dipped the scoop side of the spoon into the soup. She caught two pieces of carrot, one piece of chicken, and some broth. Bridget lifted the spoon to her lips and took a deep breath.

When she blew, some of the broth splashed over the side of the spoon and went back into her bowl. Some of the broth splashed onto Bridget's nose! She kept blowing until there was no more steam, and then she carefully put the spoon into her mouth.

It was delicious! Eating soup on her own was even tastier than airplane food.

Bridget went to bed that night excited for tomorrow's breakfast. She couldn’t wait to show Dad how she could eat her oatmeal all by herself!

Discussion Questions
1. What is your favorite messy food to eat?
Answers will vary

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