Bubbles for Mickey

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Two-year-old Mickey learns that bath time isn't so bad.

10 minutes
12 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


As a baby, Mickey loved to splash around in the sink. But when Mickey turned two, he didn’t like bath time anymore! When he heard Mommy turn on the water, he ran as fast as he could to his room to hide under the bed.

“Come on, Mickey,” Mommy said, “or you’ll be too stinky for Grandma to hug tomorrow!”

Mickey crawled out from under his bed and let Mommy pull his shirt over his head. He sat down and pulled his pants off over his feet all by himself.

In the bathroom, the tub was full of warm water—and bright blue bubbles! Mickey sat down in the water and frowned. “I don’t like it,” he said. But he reached out and touched the bubbles. They were so bright!

Mommy scooped up some bubbles and dabbed them on Mickey’s chin. It tickled. He giggled when she showed him in a mirror that he had a bright blue beard!

“Now rub the soap onto your cheeks,” Mommy said. Mickey did.

“Good job!” said Mommy. “You’ve washed your face!”

Next she dabbed three little bubble peaks down his belly. “You have bright blue snowman buttons!” Mommy said. “Rub them into your tummy.” Mickey laughed as he washed his belly. She helped by rubbing some of the bubbles into his back.

“Good job! You’ve washed your body!” Mommy said.

Finally, Mommy had Mickey lift his toes out of the water. She dabbed bubbles onto each foot. “Look, you have bright blue elf shoes!” she said. “Rub them into your toes.”

Mickey did. “Good job!” Mommy said. “You’ve washed your feet!”

“I like bath time!” Mickey said with a big grin. Bubbles were so much fun, and getting clean was really easy!

Act It Out
Have your child act out washing themselves with bubbles!
Associated Activity
Add a couple drops of food coloring to your child's bath for extra fun!

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