Dressing for School in Kenya

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On her first day of school, Sanura must put her school uniform on all by herself.

10 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


Sanura lived in a small village just outside of Malindi, in Kenya, Africa. She loved to go out with her Baba at sunset to watch the sea turn gold while he fished for her Mama’s soup pot.

After Sanura turned five, Mama enrolled her in the school in Malindi. Sanura was very nervous to go to school. She didn’t know very many other boys and girls her age, and she hoped she could make friends.

The morning of the first day of school, Mama came into Sanura’s room with a cup of yesterday’s milk and a bowl of sweet githeri. “Sanura, I have to go and milk the cows. You must get dressed by yourself today,” Mama said while Sanura enjoyed eating the sweet corn and beans.

Mama had ironed Sanura’s school clothes the night before, and they hung on the closet door. After Mama had gone, Sanura climbed out of bed, washed her face, and took the clothes down.

The first item to put on was a pair of light blue undies, and then she pulled the crisp yellow shirt over her head. She felt around the collar until she found the edge and carefully folded it over once. Then she pulled the deep blue sweater on and made sure the yellow collar showed around her neck.

Sanura took the skirt in both hands and scrunched it all up so she could step into it like a hula hoop. She let the fabric fall to the floor and set the elastic around her waist. Tugging the sweater down over the top of the skirt, Sanura ran to the mirror to make sure everything was straight.

She was just finishing when Mama came back through the door. Sanura grinned and threw up her arms. “I’m ready to make friends, Mama!” she said.

“You look beautiful, Sanura,” Mama said, taking Sanura’s hand as they started walking down the road, “and the other children will love to be your friend!”

Discussion Questions
1. Can you think of a time you had to try something on your own?
2. How do you think Sanura felt after getting dressed?
3. What did you wear for your first day of school?
4. Did you dress yourself? What's easiest or hardest to put on by yourself?
Answers will vary

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