Farmyard Father's Day

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Lara wants to give her Dad the best Father's Day ever.

10 minutes
0 - 60 months
Group size
0 - 8 tots


Lara adored her Dad, and she wanted to make his fifth Father’s Day the best one ever. She asked her Mom what she could do that would make it awesome for him.

“Dad loves farms,” Mom said. “We could take Dad to the berry farms and go visit the animals!”

Lara remembered that Dad had a favorite farm animal, but she couldn’t remember which one it was. She hoped that the berry farms would have Dad’s favorite animal so that it would be the perfect Father’s Day adventure.

When they got to the farm, Lara grabbed Dad’s hand and led him to the first pen. Inside was a family of pigs: the big sow, the sleepy boar, and six little piglets. They grunted when they saw Lara and Dad peering over the fence.

“Is this your favorite animal, Dad?” Lara asked.

“I like the pigs, but they’re not my favorite,” Dad said.

Lara led him to the next pen. Here there were chickens: the rooster strutting around, the hens pecking at multi-colored corn on the ground, the chicks in snugly clumps under the warm red lamps. They cheeped when they saw Lara and Dad’s faces looking at them through the slats.

“Is this your favorite animal, Dad?” Lara asked.

“I like the chickens, but…they’re not my very favorites,” Dad said.

Lara dragged Dad all the way to the next pen, which was a big corral with horses: magnificent stallions, prancing mares, nickering foals, and one shaggy pony! They tossed their heads when they saw Lara and Dad leaning on the fence.

“Is this your favorite animal, Dad?” Lara asked.

“Yes!” Dad said. “I LOVE horses!”

They spent the day petting the horses’ soft noses and feeding them apple slices. Lara giggled every time a horse’s lips tickled her fingers.

On the drive home, Lara sat behind Mom’s seat in the back. “Dad,” she asked, “did you like your Father’s Day?”

“It was the best Father’s Day I’ve ever had,” Dad said, smiling back at Lara.

Discussion Questions
1. What is your favorite animal?
2. Why did Lara want to give her father a special day?
3. Can you think of a time when you wanted to do something special for someone?
Answers will vary