Getting Dressed for Winter in Alaska

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Brrr! Tyler learns how to stay warm in his new Alaskan home.

10 minutes
30 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


Five-year-old Tyler woke up on his first school day in Kodiak, Alaska. His family had just moved from sunny California, so he’d helped his mom buy a full winter wardrobe from the secondhand store.

First, Tyler pulled on his long underwear. He rolled up the legs and stuck his feet through the holes. Then he stood up and pushed his arms through, one at a time. He went to the very tall bathroom mirror and watched his fingers carefully as he fastened the snaps up the front.

Next, Tyler put one leg, then the other into a pair of thick black snow pants that rustled with every step he took. He slipped the button through the hole and tugged up the zipper. Then he put on his favorite green tee shirt over the long underwear.

He pulled on a pair of thick wool socks, first the right foot, then the left foot. He tugged down his plaid scarf and looped it loosely three times around his neck.

Tyler turned off the light in his room and went downstairs. His mom was in the kitchen, making cinnimon oatmeal for breakfast, so Tyler decided to finish his whole outfit himself.

He went to the mudroom and took his parka off its hanger. It took him a few tries, but he caught the ends of the zipper together and zipped it up. He had to sit down to tug his boots, which were called mukluks, onto his feet, but he pressed down the Velcro straps.

Tyler was so excited – he had dressed himself! He pulled on a mitten and went to pull on the other, but now it was like he had two big clumsy fingers, and he couldn’t get the other mitten on.

He went to the kitchen. “Hey Mom, can you help me with my mitten?” he asked.

His mom turned around and saw that he was completely dressed except for his one bare hand. “Tyler! Great job!” she said proudly. Then she held the other mitten up so Tyler could slide his hand inside.

“Okay, Mom,” Tyler said, “I’m ready for school. Even if it’s really cold!”

Discussion Questions
1. What is the weather like where you live?
2. Would you like to live where it is cold or warm?
Answers will vary

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