The Pink Toothbrush

The Pink Toothbrush
Photo by: Alissa age 5

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Ry wants a toothbrush of his own in his very favorite color. Can he learn to brush his own teeth?

5 minutes
18 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


Ry’s very favorite color was pink. He had a pink teddy bear from his uncle in Japan. Papa had even painted the walls of Ry’s room pink. But one thing Ry didn’t have was a pink toothbrush.

His Mama used a bright green toothbrush to brush his teeth. Ry really wanted the pink one hanging on the rack at the grocery store. “Can I please, Mama?” he begged.

“Will you learn how to brush your own teeth?” Mama asked. “It’s time you were a big boy!”

Ry was nervous. He didn’t really like the feeling of bristles on his gums…but he really, really wanted that pink toothbrush.

“Yes!” he promised.

As soon as they got home, Ry grabbed the toothbrush out of the grocery bags and raced to the bathroom. Mama helped him pull the stool over to the sink so he could see into the mirror.

“First you’ll need some toothpaste,” Mama said. She gave Ry the tube and showed him how to squeeze very gently from the bottom until a little bit curled out. Ry scooped the toothpaste onto his toothbrush.

“Now, make little circles, like this!” Mama showed Ry how to hold the toothbrush handle with his elbow out and move the bristles on his teeth around and around and around until he’d brushed every tooth.

“OK, now open big and pretend you’re scraping ice off your teeth!” Mama said. Ry opened his mouth and scraped up and down on both sides of his mouth, top and bottom, just like Papa did to the windshield on cold days.

“One last thing,” Mama said, but Ry knew this part.

“Brush my tongue!” he said, and then he scratched his tongue with the bristles. He spit the toothpaste into the sink, sipped some water and rinsed it all down.

“There!” Mama said. “You can brush your teeth all by yourself!”

Ry happily set his toothbrush into the holder, next to Mama and Papa’s toothbrushes. It was just as tall as theirs were. Ry felt so grown up!

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