Rahul and His Grandpa

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Story of the valuable relationship between children and their grandparents.

10 minutes
36 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


On a warm Friday afternoon, when Rahul returned from school, he found that his grandparents were not at home.
“Mamma, where are grandpa and grandma?” asked Rahul.
“Your grandpa felt unwell in the morning. So dad has taken him to the doctor. Grandma has gone with them too” replied Asha, Rahul’s mother, as she prepared a sandwich for him.
Just as Rahul finished eating, he saw his father and grandparents enter the house.
“Grandpa, how are you? What happened to you? Did the doctor give you an injection? Did it hurt?” Rahul excitedly quizzed his grandpa.
Grandpa, who was a little tired, sat down on the sofa and said, “Rahul, I am fine. I had a knee pain and so the doctor has given me a few tablets to take everyday. He also asked me to rest well. He did not give me any injection, ha ha ha.”
Rahul was now eager to see the tablets grandpa had to take. He quickly brought the packet of tablets from his father’s bag and asked,” Grandpa, show me the tablets. I want to see.”
“Here, I will show you” said grandma, as she opened the packet and showed three tablets. “Look Rahul, Grandpa has to take this oval red tablet before breakfast everyday. These two white round ones have to be taken after every lunch and dinner”, explained grandma.
Rahul was now concerned about the many tablets grandpa had to take. He said, “Well, that’s so many! I will help you grandpa. Every morning, before I go to school, I will come to your room and give you this red tablet.”
“Thanks Rahul. That will be of great help” smiled grandpa.
Rahul asked again, “But why do you have to take this red one?”
“This one reduces the pain in my knees. It is important that I take it in the morning. So then, it is decided! Every morning, I will wait for you to give me this tablet. Do not forget,” said grandpa.
“No I won’t !” exclaimed Rahul.
Saturday morning, Rahul promptly took the tablet and a glass of water to grandpa’s room. Grandpa swallowed the tablet and thanked him. On Sunday too, Rahul readily carried out his little task.
On Monday morning, in his hurry to get ready and leave for school, Rahul forgot all about grandpa’s tablet. At school, he was working with a material which required him to count red beads. Suddenly, Rahul remembered that he had not given the red tablet to grandpa.
“Will grandpa be in pain?” Rahul wondered. “I did not give him the tablet today. Will he still be waiting for me in the room”? These thoughts crossed his mind several times during the day while working and playing with his friends.
Soon, it was time for Rahul to go home. Asha went to school to pick him up. The moment he saw her, he asked, “Mamma, is grandpa fine? Was he complaining of knee pain?”
“ Grandpa is fine. He has not complained of any pain. He was in his room.” Asha replied.
As soon as they reached home, Rahul ran to grandpa’s room, only to find him asleep. He woke him up and asked, “How are you, grandpa? How is your knee pain? I am sorry I forgot to give you the tablet today. Does it hurt a lot?”
Grandpa smiled, “I am fine, my dear. In the morning I waited for you. But, then you were in a hurry to leave for school. So I took the tablet myself. I should say that I am proud of you, my child, because …” he continued.
“But how can you be proud of me? I forgot to do my work!” Rahul interrupted.
“Rahul, I am proud of you for three things. First, you offered to help me. Second, though you forgot your little task in the morning, you remembered it at school. And third, as soon as you returned home, you are here to find out about my health’, explained grandpa as he hugged Rahul.
Rahul was very happy and relieved to hear this. He said,” grandpa, now haven’t you forgotten to do your work too?”
Grandpa looked at him puzzled.
“It is story time now! So, tell me the story of Hanuman” said Rahul excitedly.
Grandpa laughed and started in an animated voice, “Hanuman, was the son of…………………”

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