Little Sooraj Learns To Help

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This story will let your child know that you are never too small to help!

10 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


It was a sunny Saturday morning. Little Sooraj got up from bed, brushed his teeth and ran to the kitchen to see what his mother was doing. She was frying puris for breakfast.
“Mamma, I’ll help you fry puris.” announced Sooraj. “It’s not safe for young children to fry puris, my dear. The oil in the pan is really hot. Why don’t you play with your toys, instead?” asked mother.

“Alright.” said Sooraj as he ran across the hall towards his room. In the hall, he saw his grandfather searching for his spectacles. “Grandpa, I can help you find your spectacles.” Sooraj offered to help. “No thanks dear. You are too young to handle the spectacles. They’ll fall off your hands and break if you are a little careless.” said grandpa worriedly.

Sooraj suddenly spotted his father who was busy packing his belongings and getting ready for work. “Pappa, may I pack your laptop, please?” Sooraj requested. “You can pack it for me when you are another year older. For now, I think it’s good for you to play with your neighbor.” suggested his father.

When Sooraj stepped out of home to play with his neighbor, he saw his grandmother watering the plants. “Sooraj, won’t you help me in the garden”? Grandmother asked.
“Well grandma, I know even you think I’m too young to be of any help” replied Sooraj. Just as grandma was thinking why he said that, she saw a buffalo walking down the lane in front of their house. A small white bird sat on its back. Grandma called Sooraj to show him this interesting scene.

“The bird is enjoying its ride, isn’t it grandma? But, why isn’t the buffalo shooing it off with its tail?" he asked.
“Sooraj, that bird is helping the buffalo.” said grandma.
‘How can such a small bird be of any help to a big buffalo, grandma?” asked Sooraj, curiously.
“This bird, called a Cattle Egret, eats up the insects that suck blood from the buffalo’s skin. While the buffalo gets rid of the biting insects, the Egret, in turn, gets its food. In this way, they help each other.” grandma explained.

“Grandma, you say it’s good to help others. But mamma, pappa and grandpa didn’t take any help from me this morning.” complained Sooraj. He told his grandma how they had all refused to take his help.
“Oh! Now I understand what’s bothering you. I can suggest better ways in which you could be of help. Instead of frying puris, why don’t you help mamma arrange plates and tumblers on the table? Grandpa will appreciate your help if you could fold the newspapers and put them back in place after he reads them.” suggested Grandma.
“How can I help dad, then?” Sooraj asked.
“You could polish his shoes everyday and keep them ready before he goes to work.” said Grandma.
‘That sounds nice.” thought Sooraj. “Thanks grandma. I’ll begin to help right away.” he said.
“Remember my dear, you are never too young or too small to help.” said grandma.
“Yes, just like the Cattle Egret!” said Sooraj as he ran back to the kitchen to help his mother.

Discussion Questions
1. Think of ways your child can be a good helper.
1. Answers will vary

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