Welcome to First Grade

Welcome to First Grade
Photo by: Alissa

Nancy M. Submitted by: Nancy M.

Kelly is ready to head back to school and be in first grade!

10 minutes
0 - 60 months
Group size
0 - 8 tots


“Oh Mommy, I want those pencils, the pink ones. Can I please get them?!” exclaimed Kelly. “They will match my new folder and butterfly notebook.”

“Alright” said her mom. Kelly did not normally like shopping with her mom. She thought it was utterly boring. I mean, walking down aisle after aisle at the store was in no way entertaining to any kid, ever. Today, however, she was excited to be shopping. Today, she was shopping for back to school. As hard as it is for any kid to admit it, they secretly love this time of year and Kelly was no exception. She was excited to get new supplies, see her friends again, and to finally be in first grade and meet her new teacher!

When they arrived home, Kelly quickly snatched her bags from the trunk of her mom’s blue SUV and rushed in the house and up the stairs to her bedroom. She laid out all of her school supplies and her mom help her label each item “Kelly Reilly.” They packed the supplies in her new pink pony backpack. Kelly took a bath, brushed her teeth, and dressed in her favorite PJs. She laid out one of the new outfits on her dresser so she would be ready in the morning. “There,” she said.

She skipped down the stairs whistling the tune to “Tooty Ta,” her favorite song from Kindergarten, and found her mom making tomorrow’s lunch. “Peanut butter and jelly! Mommy you made my favorite! I love you!” she said.

“I love you too Kelly! You need to get to bed early tonight so you are all rested up for your first day of school tomorrow” said mom. Kelly kissed her mom and skipped back up the stairs to her bedroom.

As the sun shone a bright beam straight through Kelly’s bedroom window she wearily opened her eyes. She stretched her arms, reaching high up to the ceiling. “This is it! Today is my first day of school!” she smiled.

Kelly got ready in a flash. After breakfast she walked with her mom to the corner of her block. There were other kids on the corner waiting with their parents. As the big yellow school bus approached the corner, Kelly and the other kids kissed their parents and got in a line. The bus stopped in front of them and the bus driver opened the door. She had short curly blond hair and a warm smile. The kids filed on the bus, found their seats and waved goodbye to their parents as the bus pulled away.

When the bus rolled to a school Kelly looked at the building. It seemed smaller than she remembered. She made her way off the bus and navigated the halls to her new classroom. She hung up her pink pony backpack on the hook that said “Kelly Reilly.” She walked into her new classroom and smiled as she saw her friends. A lady greeted her at the door. She reminded Kelly of her mom in a way. The lady was wearing a grey skirt with a pink blouse. She had long brown hair pulled pack into a loose braid. She smelled like flowers. Her voice was calm and happy as she said, “Hello, I am Mrs. Beening. Welcome to First Grade.”