Emma's First Crush

Emma's First Crush
Photo by: Bijou

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A girl talks about her first crush with her grandma. She even gets courage enough to tell the boy she likes him.

10 minutes
36 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


Emma sat at her desk starring at the new boy, Alex. Alex had the cutest curly hair and the prettiest green eyes. Maybe she should talk to her grandmother about Alex on her way home.

“Nana, can I talk to you about something?” Emma asked.

“Sure, what’s up ladybug?” answered Nana.

“Well, there’s this new boy in my class. His name is Alex. He’s from New York City. He’s really cool and super cute! When I look at him, I feel all weird. Does that mean I have a crush on him?” questioned Emma.

“Ladybug, it sure sounds like a crush to me. Have you talked to Alex to see if he likes you too?” responded Nana.

“Oh no. I’m afraid he won’t like me back,” worried Emma.

“I think you should talk to him. He might like you too. But, if he doesn’t, that’s okay too. Some people are meant to be just friends. You can’t make someone like you that way. Does that help?” asked Nana.

“A little. I guess I have to be brave and talk to him. If he doesn’t have a crush on me, maybe we can just be friends,” Emma said.

“Sounds like a plan,” said Nana as she parked the car.

The next day at recess, Emma was really nervous as she walked up to Alex.

“Hi Alex! How do you like our school?” asked Emma.

“It’s nice. I still miss my old friends though,” responded Alex.

“Alex, I was wondering if you like me like a girlfriend because I like you like a boyfriend,” confessed Emma.

Alex smiled. “Well, my mom says I’m too young to have a girlfriend. But I think you’re really nice. We could be friends if you want. I could really use a friend."

Emma thought about what Nana had said. She couldn’t make Alex be her boyfriend. Maybe it would be okay to be friends. After all, some people are meant to be just friends.

“That sounds great. Do you like the monkey bars? I can show you how to do a flip,” Emma said.

“That would be awesome!” answered Alex.

Together they headed for the monkey bars.

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