Olivia's Bedtime Routine

Olivia's Bedtime Routine
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Following a bedtime routine

10 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


Olivia’s favorite cartoon had just ended. She was already getting tired when her mom called her to get in the bath.

“Princess Olivia please report to your royal bubble castle,” called Olivia’s mom.

Hearing her mom calling, Olivia giggled and ran to the bathroom. After getting undressed, Olivia jumped into the mountain of bubbles in the tub. All her favorite tub toys were there.

Her mom helped her take a bath and shampoo her hair. Olivia loved when her mom plopped a big pile of bubbles on her head before she rinsed the shampoo out.

“Well Princess Olivia, are you ready to call King Daddy to bundle you up in your royal towel?” asked her mom.

“Yes I am. Daddy can you dry me please!” called Olivia.

Olivia’s dad came in with a warm, fluffy towel. She jumped out of the tub and into the warm towel. Her dad helped her dry off and put on her favorite princess pajamas. After putting on her pajamas, Olivia’s dad helped her brush her teeth with her rainbow toothbrush.

“Alright princess, it is time to crawl into bed. What book would you like for me to read for a bedtime story?” asked her mom.

“Piggies, piggies,” answered Olivia.

Olivia loved the story of The Three Little Pigs. Her mom read it almost every night. Her mom did silly voices for the pigs. Her dad did a funny voice for the wolf. When her mom finished reading the book, Olivia was almost asleep. Her mom and dad tucked her into her blankets and gave her rabbit Bun-Bun, her favorite stuffed animal.

“Kisses,” whispered Olivia in a sleepy voice.

Her mom and dad kissed her goodnight and turned on her nightlight.

“Goodnight Princess Olivia. We love you,” whispered her parents as they turned out the light. Olivia smiled peacefully, snuggled into her covers, and fell asleep.

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