Mother's Day Surprise

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Macy and Ben show their love on Mother's Day with a special breakfast in bed.

10 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


Mother’s Day was tomorrow. Macy and Ben still didn’t know what they were giving their mom for Mother’s Day. They decided to ask their dad for some advice.

“Dad, what should we buy mom for Mother’s Day? I want to get her flowers. Ben wants to get her worms for fishing,” explained Macy.

“Those are both interesting choices. Maybe, instead of buying her something you could work together and do something special for her,” suggested Dad.

Macy and Ben sat down at the kitchen table to talk about Dad’s idea. After a lot of talking and silly suggestions, they decided to serve mom breakfast in bed.

The next morning, Macy and Ben snuck out of bed and walked quietly to the kitchen. Macy reached under the counter and pulled out the breakfast tray that their parents used for special occasions. Both kids looked through the cabinets to find food for their mom’s breakfast. Macy found cereal and bread for toast. Ben found a pack of chocolate candy and a lollipop left over from his Halloween candy.

Macy put the cereal and milk in a plastic bowl. She put the bread in the toaster. When it popped up, she put it on a plate and let Ben help her butter the toast. Finally Macy poured a glass of orange juice. Then she put the glass, plate, and bowl on the tray. Ben added the chocolate candy and lollipop.

“Now we need to make a card,” Macy said, pulling out some construction paper and markers.

After making a Mother’s Day card, they put it on the tray. Macy carried the tray carefully. Ben opened their parents’ bedroom door.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” chanted the kids. They walked into the bedroom with the breakfast tray.

“Wow! What a great Mother’s Day surprise. You two are the best!” said their mom. After taking the tray from them, she gave them both hugs and kisses.

Developmental skills