Pumpkin Patch Match

Pumpkin Patch Match
Photo by: masamom

masamom Submitted by: masamom

Recognize and match patterns in pumpkin matching game.

15 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
2 - 8 tots


  • Orange construction paper
  • Green construction paper
  • Black marker
  • Scissors (Child and adult use)


  1. Prior to playing game, cut out 8 pumpkin shapes from orange construction paper. Draw matching faces on pairs of pumpkins with black marker.
  2. To play, start by turning pumpkins face-down on green construction paper (pumpkin patch).
  3. The first player turns over two pumpkins. If the faces match, the player keeps the pumpkins and goes again. If the faces do not match, the first player returns them to the pumpkin patch face-down and ends his or her turn. It is now the next player's turn.
  4. Play continues until all pumpkins have been matched.
Associated Activity
Use specific geometric shapes to create faces. Review shapes while playing the game.

Developmental skills