The Story of Early Man

The Story of Early Man
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This story will help your child to understand the evolution of man.

15 minutes
42 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


Things were much different for early man then they are today. Did you know that the early man did not start out walking the way you do now? During a long progression man went from crawling on his hands and knees, like an animal, to walking erect (upright or straight) using just his legs. Another difference is that there were no markets for early man to grab a quick snack. They had to eat only food they gathered from fruit trees. Working together with other men in the tribe, he was able to catch small animals to eat. Eventually, early man learned how to craft tools using stone and natural supplies. Ultimately, man learned to make fire which helped in cooking food and staying warm.
What is your favorite outfit? Can you believe that early man did not have clothes until he started spinning textiles. He was able to make clothes to wear and keep his family warm. Man then learned how to craft huts for his family to live in near the river. Finally, early man changed from food gathering to food producing by farming and keeping animals.

Discussion Questions
1. Can you think of other ways we are different than early man?
2. Would you like to have lived at that time? Why or Why not?
3. What difficulties do you think early man encountered?

Developmental skills