Build a Human Snowman

Build a Human Snowman
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Use craft supplies to create an indoor snowman in this seasonal game.

15 minutes
36 - 60 months
Group size
2 - 8 tots


  • Rolls of toilet paper (1 per team)
  • Black construction paper (3 circles per team)
  • Orange construction paper (1 orange triangle per team)
  • Clear tape (1 roll per team)


  1. Before playing, cut three black circles for each team. These will be the snowman buttons. Also, cut one orange triangle for each team. This will be the snowman nose.
  2. Each team will need 1 roll of toilet paper, one roll of clear tape, three black circles, and one orange triangle.
  3. Each team needs at least two people.
  4. The object of the game is to be the first team finished creating a human snowman by wrapping one team member with toilet paper and attaching the buttons and nose with clear tape.
Associated Activity
This activity can be modified for Halloween by eliminating the buttons and nose and creating a mummy instead of a snowman.

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