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Rainy Day Umbrella Art

Rainy Day Umbrella Art
Photo by: masamom

masamom Submitted by: masamom

Create a cute rainy day art project with simple materials.

30 minutes
24 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 8 tots


  • 3 Cupcake Liners
  • 2 Pipe cleaners (Cut in half)
  • 1 Blue construction paper
  • 1 Blue paint
  • 1 Scissors (Adult use)
  • Glue stick


  1. Fold cupcake liners in half. Poke a hole in the middle of the crease.
  2. Poke 1 pipe cleaner place through hole in top of cupcake liner. You want about 1/4 inch of pipe cleaner to show above cupcake liner. Curve bottom of pipe cleaner to create umbrella handle. Repeat for each cupcake liner.
  3. Glue cupcake liner/ pipe cleaner umbrellas onto blue construction paper. Set aside to dry for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Once umbrellas are dry, make blue fingerprint raindrops on blue construction paper all around umbrellas.
Associated Activity
Pair this activity with your favorite rainy weather book. Talk about different kinds of rain gear including umbrellas, raincoats, rain boots, etc.

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