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I Spy Jar

I Spy Jar
Photo by: Linda O

Linda O Submitted by: Linda O

An ever-changing array of hidden treasures, keeps toddlers anticipating and delighting in finding familiar objects of interest.

15 minutes
18 - 60 months
Group size
1 - 3 tots


  • 1 Glass jars & bottles (Choose a size of container easily manipulated by little hands.)
  • Plastic food containers
  • Rice, small dried beans, lentils or pebbles.
  • Super glue (Adult use only)
  • An assortment of interesting treasures; plastic bugs, buttons, beads, shells, stones, cars, bells. (This is a great use for brocken jewelry)


  1. Thoroughly clean and dry container.
  2. Gather collection of little treasures. Choose for color, textures, geometry and form.
  3. Place items into container.
  4. Pour rice, or alternate filler into jar, resisting the urge to fill too tightly. There must be enough empty space to allow free movement, and enough volume to hide the treasures.
  5. Place a thin bead of Superglue onto receiving side of lid, to insure container doesn't open.

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Linda O

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